Welcome to Sports Officiating Consulting, LLC

Sports Officiating Consulting, LLC's mission is to assist sports officiating organizations in improving their officiating programs.  It provides associations, conferences, and officiating organizations personalized consulting services to meet their unique needs.


David Dodge, Hugh Greeley, Ron Foxcroft, and Dennis Berkholtz have been working together for many years to address organizational, institutional, and personal challenges of complex organizations.


In the rapidly changing world of sports officiating, Sports Officiating Consulting, LLC is committed to serving as a resource to the maturing officiating industry through the development of and investment in close, personal working relationships.


In addition to addressing focused consulting needs, Sports Officiating Consulting, LLC provides ongoing leadership training, keynote addresses, mentoring programs for emerging officiating leaders, and tailored educational programs.


Our consultants specialize in working with organizations to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of officiating programs. 


Contact us to discuss your needs.