Meet The Team


Our consultants bring many years of experience to their work with officiating organizations and complex businesses.

Their collective experience spans the full range of challenges facing the sports officiating industry today.  Together, their complementary backgrounds offer an extraordinary capable, talented, and skillful consulting team.

David D. Dodge


David Dodge served as a Division I NCAA basketball official for 30 years, officiated in numerous International tournaments, serves on the board of the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), received NASO’s Mel Narol Medallion Award in 2010 for his leadership and contributions to the Association, and was President & CEO of a South Carolina-based risk management company for 25 years. Mr. Dodge has authored numerous articles on integrity, compliance and ethics programs for sports organizations, for Referee Magazine, and the Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine, a publication of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Mr. Dodge has also authored over fifty blogs on the Compliance & Ethics Blog on why sports organizations can benefit from establishing effective integrity, compliance and ethics programs. Mr. Dodge resides in Carlsbad, California.

Hugh Greeley


Hugh Greeley’s background spans nearly 35 years providing consultation and educational services to complex organizations in a myriad of industries.  Mr. Greeley founded and presided over several consulting practices and presented in over 3500 educational conferences and institutes.  Mr. Greeley resides in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Ron Foxcroft




Ron Foxcroft is a Canadian businessman and a former NCAA and International basketball referee who is well known as the inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of the FOX 40 “pealess” whistle.  He has served on the board of NASO and currently serves as Special Advisor to that board.  Mr. Foxcroft has received numerous awards and honors as a businessman in Ontario, Canada and was inducted into the Canadian Basketball of Fame in 1999. Mr. Foxcroft resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Dennis Berkholtz


Dennis Berkholtz’s was an Olympic athlete and coach (team handball – 1972/1976) and played collegiate basketball and golf at Kansas State.  He is a past President of USA Team Handball and served on the Executive Committee of the Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF).  Mr. Berkholtz was Director of Marketing and Suite Sales at the Georgia Dome, built the program for handball athletes training for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and developed and implemented successful hospitality and ticketing programs during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Mr. Berkholtz resides in Atlanta, Georgia.