National Sports Association Boosts Compliance Resources


Responding to widespread concerns about ethical breaches in sports. the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) has established an Integrity and Compliance Resource Center. NASO is the nation’s premier association of sports officials from virtually all sports.

“The integrity of sports officials must be above reproach. There is no wiggle room here,” says NASO President, Barry Mano. He says his group intends to be a primary resource for organizations and individuals who need help with designing, implementing, and administering an integrity and compliance program.

“Establishing an effective integrity and compliance program is essential today in almost any officiating department or organization. After all, in officiating it’s about trust, and maintaining an unblemished reputation,” he says.

The newly formed Integrity and Compliance Resource Center contains numerous articles, blog postings, and other resources detailing the need for officiating organizations to establish preventive programs. The Center will also sponsor special sessions on integrity in officiating at its future Annual Summits.

The Integrity and Compliance Resource Center will guide officiating leaders interested in educational programs to the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics for programs such as the Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy and the Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, among others. The Center will also encourage interested officiating leaders to sign up for SCCE’s The Compliance & Ethics Blog and the Corporate Compliance Weekly News, along with purchasing Compliance 101, SCCE’s guide on building and maintaining an effective compliance and ethics program.

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